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Laser with hyaluronic acid

Laser for the treatment with hyaluronic acid

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MedSolution International offers laser devices for the combination with hyaluronic acid products. The treatment method to combine laser light and hyaluronic acid is well known since a few years, but the application is still an insider tip, as only the right hyaluronic acid combined with the right laser light and right power grants the effective anti-aging treatment with long term effect.



Unique hand held microcurrent light therapy

MagicGlow is a unique handheld device which combines microcurrent with light therapy to provide a natural alternative to surgical treatments for the face and body. 



Anti-aging products come in all shapes and sizes but none as sleek and clever as the Silklite.

The Silklite provides high performance, powerful bio-stimulation using red laser and infrared lasers for fast results in cosmetic enhancement for the face and body.  Red for problems at and near the surface and infrared for deep penetration.



Anti-aging products come in all shapes and sizes but none as sleek and
clever as the PalmLaser.

PalmLaser in podiatry

By using PalmLaser in foot care the following results are achieved:

  • increase of lymphatic flow
  • improved blood circulation
  • stimulation of metabolism
  • improvement on vessels
  • increased wound healing
  • support of regeneration of nerves, e.g. affected by diabetes mellitus
  • improvement of foot skin, especially when affected by dryness etc.
  • pain reduction

Advantages for pedicurist


Discover the secret of a healthy, lively & attractive skin.

Systematical skin care with LaserCat is a teatment system, which is clearly directed to keep or rebuild the perfect balance of the skin


LaserCat 500

The first class 1M Low Level Laser with 500 milliwatt

Laser Phototherapy by LaserCat 500
supports and pampers the skin with soft but effective energy. All interactions of the different skin functions are gently but effectively supported by an increased cell metabolism, improved blood flow, increased lymphatic flow, better nourishmend with oxygen, nutritions & electrolytes. The skin becomes resistant against environmental influences and free radicals.



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